Rev. Art Zeiber
Reiki Master/Teacher – Usui-Sensei Lineage
Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritualist Minister
Energy Biohealer

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Reverend Art is an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek – a service order, Medium, certified Reiki Master/Teacher Of the Usui Sensei lineage, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Biohealing Practitioner of several distinct forms of energy healing methodologies for individuals, groups and locations including the neutralization of geopathic stress brought on by the disturbances of the natural energy flows of the Earth. Individually or in combination these methods can lead to an enduring peace in one’s life and the lives of those with whom we each interact.

He has worked with Spirit for most of his life, growing, learning and adapting this sensory perception ability and utilizing it help those around him to grow and learn. As far back as he can remember Reverend Art had been able to see and hear Spirit, ultimately in 2000 he began formal studies into the practice of mediumship, the healing arts and Spirituality.

Reverend Art seeks to aid in advancing the awareness of the cosmic shifts being experienced by all humanity at the advent of the Age of Aquarius. There are many paths that lead to one’s enlightenment in the beginning of a new Astrological Age, and as a spiritual counselor Reverend Art hopes to assist whoever is struggling with the tensions, stressors and strife of this awesome wave of energy to a place of peace and harmony that is in tune with the Universe.

Rev. Art is the founder of Personal Touch Lifeline, an organization focused on expanding knowledge and providing guidance on matters relating to Spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness in these ever-changing times. He is also the founder and director of Reiki on the Lake, bringing the power and beauty of Reiki to the tri-state region surrounding Erie, PA.


Rev. James Zeiber
Reiki Master/Teacher – Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage
Certified Professional Aromatherapist
Ordained Minister
Advanced Energy Healer

From Piedmont, South Carolina, Reverend James Burton is an ordained minister and prayer partner through Universal Ministries. He attended the Greenville Technical College and is a trained and certified Professional Aromatherapist with an exceptional knowledge of essential oils, their properties and applications. Serving as an administrator of the Essential Oil Consumer Safety Advocates he has also been published in the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy periodical The NAHA Aromatherapy Journal. Rev. James strives to promote the ethical, safe and effective use of aromatherapy and essential oils and works diligently as an advisor for their professional as well as personal use.

Rev. James was attuned as a Master/Teacher in 2008 in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and is fluent in over 180 energy systems and certified in Polarity Therapy through the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. On Reiki, “Reiki is the facilitation of healing through a channel of universal energy. It is a specific type of energy manipulation in which universal energy is projected with the intent to heal, those threads of energy that permeate the universe connecting us all. This connectedness is how Reiki works, connecting with another and the Source to “remind” our energies of their proper frequencies. When our frequencies and vibrations are in sync we are healthy and as our frequencies rise we evolve.”